If you contact Emily, she will ask you whether you want to use ordinary post or the website or email. Whichever you use, you will need to fill in the form. If you have any queries, ask Emily and she will help you.

You'll also need to send a photograph. Either send a copy by post, or email her a photograph, or put it on a CD and send it to her by post. If you haven't got a photograph of your church, or none you like, ask Emily. She will probably have a good photograph of your church which she can use instead.

If you use ordinary post, Emily will send you the form. You will complete it and send it back to her. Emily will input your details onto this website and onto the tourist website, together with the photograph.

If you want to use the website, Emily will give you a username and a code to enable you to complete the form on the website. When you have finished doing this, don't forget to press the "up-date" button, and then it will automatically update the website. Emily will then use that material to update the tourist website with your photograph.

If you email the form back to Emily, again Emily will update the sites.