A centre for all in the Yorkshire Wolds

The Yorkshire Wolds Buildings Preservation Trust has ben awarded £498,500 by the Heritage Lottery Fund and £105,169 by LEADER+, a European and UK Government funding initiative, to develop the church of St James, in the picturesque estate village of Warter, as a heritage, cultural and educational centre for the Yorkshire Wolds. The Victorian church, which was threatened with demolition ten years ago, contains superb Edwardian stained glass and monuments commemorating members of the family of Charles Wilson, Lord Nunburnholme, head of Thomas Wilson and Sons of Hull, then the largest private shipping firm in the world.

St. James' Church, Warter

Building works, shceduled to begin next year, will include re-roofing, repairs to the tower and spire, the installation of toilets, a kitchen, and a new heating and lighting system. When complete, the church will become a focal point for visitors to the Yorkshire Wolds. There will be a permanent display on all aspects of the Yorkshire Wolds. St James' Church, which can seat over 300, has excellent acoustics and is an ideal venue for the concerts and other cultural and educational events that are planned. A part-time Heritage Project Officer has been appointed to oversee the establishment of the heritage centre and co-ordinate the many activities, including training courses for the heritage guides, exhibitions, lectures and conferences on the past, present and future of the Yorkshire Wolds, and educational visits from schools and colleges.

The greater part of the churchyard, owned by the trust, will be maintained as a wildlife habitat, and a part-time Environmental Project Officer has been appointed to develop this aspect of the project.

Pictured above is St. James' Church, Warter.