Holderness Churches: A Gazetteer, front coverHolderness Churches: A Gazetteer was the second in the series of leaflets published by the East Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust.

This leaflet follows a user-friendly gazetteer format with a fold out map and features thirty-nine churches in the Holderness area.

pdfClick to download the Holderness Gazetteer, cover (Includes introduction, glossary and Map)719.6 KB

pdfClick to download the Holderness Gazetteer, main booklet (containing the details of the individual churches)2.39 MB

Printing Advice

The Gazzetteer is split over two files as the cover is designed tp be printed on double sided A4, folded into three and thereby wrappeing around the main booklet, which is designed to fit within the cover as each page is one third of page of A4.

The best method of printing domestically is to print the cover and main body documents separately, utilising double sided printing should you wish to do so.