For many people, churches are unfamiliar places, sometimes quite intimidating.

window from St Mary's, Fimber For those who look after churches (such as clergy and churchwardens), and for those who visit churches for interest, or attend church services, it can be hard to see that churches might be intimidating to other people. It can also be hard for them to see what needs to be done to welcome people and to encourage them to learn about their church heritage. They need to learn what it might be like to come into a church for a person who has never set foot in one before.

The Group planned to train those familiar with their churches, such as churchwardens, how to welcome others into their magnificent buildings and to show them the many treasures which churches can provide. This was to be provided by a Welcomers' workshop.

To do so, the Group wanted to train those who would provide the training to others.

Drawing on the work of others elsewhere in the country, the Group provided a very useful workshop, which trained the trainers of future welcomers.

This workshop took place in Malton, in the spring. It was followed by the Welcomers' Workshop at Wetwang in mid June.

The illustration shows a window from St Mary's, Fimber.