Wetwang does welcome careful drivers, but it also welcomes those who want to welcome people into their churches. This early summer workshop was all about teaching people how to do it.

St. Michael's Church, Wetwang It's not just about opening the door. It's not just about letting people know where the light switch is.

We all know churches where the graveyard is unkempt and weeds grow over the graves: where there are dead flowers on the altar; where the noticeboard contains out-of-date notices held on with an inadequate number of rusty drawing pins; where there is nothing and no one to identify points of interest or importance to the visitor.

And we've all met guardians of churches who overwhelm us with information and attention we don't want, when we just want a quiet moment.

Welcoming someone into your church isn't easy. They may know nothing, or little, about Christianity: they may want to learn, or they may have come to trace their ancestors, or to look at stained glass.

This workshop provided very helpful and practical teaching about how to welcome all comers into our churches, whatever their reasons for coming, and whatever their faith or lack of it.

Pictured above is St. Michael's Church, Wetwang.