Now that the Trust has no external funding, we need to make a nominal charge for membership, to cover the costs of stationery, printing and postage of the Newsletter and other notices to you, of accountancy fees, and of insurance in relation to visits of churches, hiring of venues, and the cost of refreshments.

At our conference last January, we asked people whether they would be willing to make a contribution and, if so, how much, and most said that they would be willing to pay an annual subscription of £10. We would, therefore, be grateful for subscriptions of £10 for 2008 per church or individual to be paid as soon as possible.

Please make cheques payable to East Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust and post them to Mrs Liz Dewsbury, Glencoe House, Main Street, Bainton, East Yorkshire YO25 9NE.

Please give the name and address of the person to whom correspondence should be sent on behalf of the Church Member or if you would like to have individual membership please make that clear.

What will membership give you?

Conferences and workshops to which you will be invited, a regular Newsletter with relevant articles and information about grants and events, and the offer of free leaflets such as the Sykes Church Trail, Wolds Gazetteer, Holderness Gazetteer, Stained Glass Guide, and others we will seek funding for, advice on grants and other support, access to our website and the chance to have included on it a photograph of your church and information about it and about opening times and times of church services.