On Saturday 11th June, East Yorkshire Historic Churches ran a successful workshop at Hornsea Village Hall on why you should keep your church open, and how you can protect your building and any valuables in it. The workshop was a stimulating mixture of a film and short talks from live speakers.

Wetwang does welcome careful drivers, but it also welcomes those who want to welcome people into their churches. This early summer workshop was all about teaching people how to do it.

For many people, churches are unfamiliar places, sometimes quite intimidating.

Who are we?

A stained glass window at All Saints Church, DriffieldEY Churches is the short-hand name for the East Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust, which is a company incorporated from the East Yorkshire Historic Churches Group with the same aims. The Group was set up in 2004 to encourage a greater appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the churches in the area. Churches are a valuable part of the diverse cultural, historical, architectural and environmental heritage of East Yorkshire. The Trust was incorporated on 16th November 2005. The Trust hopes to encourage visits to churches in the area, and to develop a sense of community ownership of and responsibility for those churches, as well as community involvement. We also hope to develop local tourism and rural regeneration by encouraging those visits.